Development of Outdoor Unpowered Paradise in China

2019/9/10 8:57:05
With the improvement of urbanization level and the demand of cultural tourism market, outdoor powerless amusement parks are gradually becoming a new type of amusement products, and gradually forming a pluralistic combination with education, rural areas, scenic spots, vacations and IP development environment. In the future, China's outdoor unpowered parent-child paradise will increasingly become a "binder" for the comprehensive development of multiple formats, highlighting the "thematic" features, and may become an important and accurate online traffic entry, but the lack of standards and other issues are also plaguing the development of the industry.
From the outsider's point of view, outdoor powerless paradise is beautiful, fun, low investment and landing fast. However, from a professional point of view, it is far more than simple as it seems - there are high safety threshold in outdoor powerless paradise, from the structure design of equipment, quality of accessories, material strength to safety distance control between equipment, even small to plant selection, etc., there are very strict standards and high technology. Surgical content. Similarly, because outdoor powerless paradise mostly serves parent-child family visitors, and takes outdoor environment as the carrier, the requirements at the operating end are also very high.
Outdoor powerless paradise is not only an independent children's paradise, but also an essential part of the core format of many complex projects in the future. It is also an important tool for regional drainage. With the in-depth development of parent-child tourism market, a series of individualized, emotional, leisure and educational rural parent-child tourism products are created to promote the new development of rural tourism. A new form of rural tourism, which integrates outdoor unpowered paradise and rural development, emerges at the historic moment and plays an important role.
Promoted by the rapid development of Chinese travel industry, outdoor powerless recreational facilities play an increasingly important role in theme parks, scenic spots and other fields due to their own characteristics (games, interaction, communication, etc.). The integration and development of outdoor powerless parks and scenic spots can enrich the traditional scenic spots, help to activate the scenic spots'play atmosphere, and enhance the secondary consumption of scenic spots.
As a new cultural and tourism product, parent-child powerless paradise, which relies on standardized equipment to achieve the four basic functions of drilling, swinging, climbing and sliding, is far from meeting the needs of consumers. China's parent-child non-motive park industry is combining various non-motive parent-child entertainment experience packages with distinct IP characteristics through different ways of theme planning, shape design, concept extension, function integration and space overlap. At the same time, Jigao rabbit nest, Changsha Bella town, squirrel tribe and other products IP are also being nursed. Strengthen the cultivation and transmission of value with the help of market forces. In the future, parent-child powerless paradise will gradually learn from the methods and concepts created by world famous theme parks and create a new product IP road.
In short, based on these dividends, China's outdoor powerless park has good prospects, but it is worrying that the rapid development of the industry has led to serious breaks in relevant standards and control, resulting in industrial chaos and greater security risks. The development of an industry can not be separated from the support and promotion of the government and industry associations, as well as the formulation and supervision of industry standards. Similarly, it needs the self-discipline and feelings of enterprises. In order for Chinese children to have a better and happy childhood, and for the healthy, orderly and rapid development of China's outdoor amusement park industry, all efforts are still needed.