Ado United Nations Man IP Exploration Community Center Hotel

2019/9/12 10:41:23
Shanghai Xujiahui Yaduo Beauty Film Hotel is jointly built by Yaduo Group and Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Beauty Film"). It is the first time that Shanghai Beauty Film IP has landed in the hotel industry. It is also another brand-new attempt of Yaduo IP Hotel. It is reported that the two sides will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation, combined with the precious historical materials of Shanghai Beauty Film and the re-creation of artists, around animation to create a series of community center cultural activities.
Hotels and animation industries in China have experienced similar situations in their seemingly unrelated development processes: first, the gradual transition from a planned economy to a market economy, the original accumulation of talents and advantages disappeared before the tide of the market; second, they were both brilliant, but for a long time afterwards. In time, it was pushed to the edge by many well-known foreign brands, even silent. Why do we start to shine new life today? In the face of aggressive international hotel brand and animation industry, what similar opportunities and challenges do the local hotel industry and animation industry face?
It's exciting to note that, whether it's the "Return of the Great Sage" which has been a box office hit before, or the "Birth of the Devil Child" which has attracted wide attention, is said to have broken through a record of 4.85 billion yuan at the box office on September 8. Meanwhile, the 1818 derivative trademarks brought by the film can also be regarded as a great success in the local animation calendar. I. Chinese traditional culture P is glowing with new and infinite charm in the new era, which calls back the cultural self-confidence of local consumers. Almost at the same time, local hotel groups and brands are also rising rapidly. In the latest World Hotel Group Ranking published by Hotels, there are many local hotel groups in China ranking the top 20, and the international ranking of local hotel brands will continue to improve in the future.
Ador also disclosed the latest data. As of September 8, 2019, Ado has 391 open stores, 795 signed up, distributed in 163 cities, with more than 19 million members. This seems to indicate that the hotel and animation industry born and grown in China is recovering and growing at the fastest speed. Behind this is a huge driving force for the new generation of Chinese consumers to become more rational and to seek cultural self-confidence. So the question arises. What is the product experience of Adolo Movie Hotel?
Approaching the entrance of the hotel, you can see Qitian Dasheng's "Golden Hoop Rod", which will become a photo card point for many users. When you enter the hotel lobby, you can immediately feel the atmosphere of an art gallery that integrates modern art creation with classical animation of Shanghai Beauty Film. With the background wall of the reception and the background wall of the hotel's front desk, Ado re-created the classic Monkey King's influence with modern technology and presented it in a three-dimensional way. These two background walls, especially the greeting background wall, will also become the user's photo card point.
Adolo Movie Hotel also has a positioning - Community Center hotel. Before the Beauty Picture Hotel, Ado also made some explorations in Hupu Hotel. According to Ador's official introduction, in addition to the public area of the art gallery style and the classic IP theme room, Beauty Film Hotel has opened a special function area of Time Cinema, where hotel residents and neighboring residents have the opportunity to see classic animated films of Beauty Film. At the same time, Beauty Film Hotel will explore the operation of parent-child creative space and parent-child theatre. The surrounding residents can take their children to graffiti, copying, hand-made and other parent-child creative activities weekly. The monthly parent-child theatre is open to theme room tenants, and the neighboring community residents can also sign up for reservations.
In my opinion, this is a very trendy and cross-border product. On The\ One hand, we should maintain the traditional positioning of serving travelers, on the other hand, we should explore the connection with the community. Through the renovation of the hotel space and service content, we can diversify the hotel service groups, and then continue to explore the possibility of income.