Island Residence: Every traveler has a "Penghu Bay" in his heart.

2019/9/25 10:01:57
When the wind is cool, I begin to miss the past summer. At one or two o'clock in the afternoon, the noise of cicadas was ringing. The breeze followed the vapor in the garden and blew up the stairs into the room. In summer, listen to birds singing, smell the smell of plants, feel the fog rising from under your feet in the warm sunny days. Like bees and flowers, green meadows and moist winds, islands and houses standing on them, they make up all the images of summer.
Some people want to climb up to the top, others want to ride the wind and waves to find the end. The existence of explorers gives ordinary people the same opportunity to see the height, breadth and breadth of the world. Perhaps it comes from the spirit of adventure hidden in primitive genes. People's curiosity about oceans and islands has already been sown. As soon as waves and winds blow, they begin to take root and germinate, and then continue to grow in their hearts. Island by island, sea by sea, has become a milestone on the road to conquer the world.
The creator separated a piece of land from the mainland and crushed it irregularly. More than 1300 islands formed the Zhoushan Islands today, echoing the stars in the sky and scattering over the ocean. To settle on the "stars", we need to sail into the sea to see the sea turn from turbid to clear and draw a wider and wider surface with the land.
The waves break apart tamely and make way for the boat to move forward, causing people to rise up a little swell that has been controlled by the ocean. Only by staggering on the side of the boat, listening to the waves beating fiercely and rushing onto the deck, can they wake up with concern. The wild nature never fades away, which is never conquered, but cautious. Peaceful coexistence. Not the most mysterious island of the East Pole, nor the most well-known island of flowers and birds, the destination of this trip is the little-known island of Baisha. The advantage of low-key is simplicity, retaining salty water, rough reefs, and fishermen's sweat.
The dormitory, named Moyi Youshe, is the most special existence of the whole Baisha Island. Occupy a side of the hill, very close to the sea, far from the ship, you can see that it is a beacon standing on the cape, but also the sail blown by the sea breeze. Green grassland and white wall, shining in the summer sun, with the new clusters which are incompatible with the small island, like a pair of huge hands, push this unknown island to people.
Compared with hotels, the dormitory is not too strong sense of distance, more like a new soul growing out of the destination. However, the current residential quarters are different from the beginning of their birth. Simply and roughly stacking all the local things into the space, as if offering treasures to the general heart, has become the past. The arrival of the era of new residential accommodation is more like a tacit little interest between residential accommodation and residents. The elements of territoriality are dismantled one by one, and carefully hidden in the space of houses, like the pearls of light in the clam, expecting to be found with a trace of ecstasy.
Some people say that modern travel is a new kind of "colonization", but now, this kind of "colonization" is not the original one-way indoctrination, but interaction. The appearance of the residential quarters in Baisha Island, which are more modern and younger, hardly retains the original style of the old buildings. The "marine culture" of Baisha Island is still the soul and foundation of the residential quarters, and the fashionable shell is still enclosed with the spiritual core consistent with the territory. In the dormitory, the typical symbols of "marine culture" such as rudder and fishrope have never appeared, but from the details, stranger Youshe confides restrainedly and affectionately that those who are integrated into the space of the dormitory have become accustomed to, on the contrary, it needs to be carefully touched to find the amorous feelings.
Through the huge landing windows everywhere, the azure blue enters our eyes. The summer sea calmly reflects the sparkling light, the reefs are carved out by the waves, and the fishing boats float and sink in the sea. They spend thousands of years with the sea, and they understand their accumulated strength in the dark. The wind in the courtyard is salty and astringent. It is also wet and sticky in summer. It smells bad and uncomfortable, but it really penetrates into the brain from the nose to form the exclusive memory of the sea in summer. Cooking fish, shrimp and crab just salvaged in the most modest way by the seaside people, a little onion and ginger, a few drops of cooking wine, can stimulate the sweet, even leaving the island, will become a long-term miss.
And when the night closes, the lodging is like a boat drifting on the sea alone in the dark, the white wall grass fades its color, and the land becomes the home of the caterpillar insects. In addition to the long and short cries of animals, the waves beat the shore, there are only silent stars and moons. At this time, I understand the drifting and loneliness of the people on the sea.
It is not a straightforward statement to the ocean, but a guide to the visitors, one by one to stimulate five senses, the heart and the sea, to a certain extent, are tied together. The manager of Mo Jie Youshe told me that the idea of brand is "unlikeness is everything". Indeed, strangers are not like ordinary island dwellings, but they contain all the ocean phenomena.